November 26, 2021

GLB | Grupo López Bolaños

The López Bolaños group is a group of companies of family origin. It was born in Fuente del Maestre (Badajoz) with a small commercial activity and with the passage of time it became one of the most prominent business groups in Extremadura. The commercial activity began locally and today the business reaches more than fifty countries.

It is the first company of the group whose origin dates back to 1980 and whose first economic activity is based on the manufacture and installation of windows and store. Already in 1996 we started working with the first profiling machine for our activity. From that year on, we also started working with the drawer machine and our economic activity breaks borders to expand sales to the rest of Spain and reach Portugal for the first time.

Today the company is also engaged in the manufacture and assembly of mosquito nets for homes.

Alumasa was born in 2002 with the launch of two lacquering lines: one of 1,300 millimeters and the other of 600 millimeters. At that time, a quarter of the company’s production was destined for Expalum, the third company in the group, while the rest was distributed to the rest of the country.

In 2014 we already started working with the 400 mm line.

Nowdays, the activity of the company is present in 15 countries. Since 2014 we have been immersed in a business vertical integration project that leads us to the creation of continuous casting and the start-up of rotary, melting and holding furnaces. The project is expected to conclude in 2021 with the start-up of our own rolling line, the intermediate step between continuous casting and lacquering.

It is the third company in the group and its activity is focused on the manufacture of aluminum slats and drawers for the manufacture of blinds. In 2008, its international market represented 20% of the business’s economic activity. Just eight years later, that international market represented 80% of economic activity, and it is currently present in more than 50 countries.