December 7, 2021

Panel Sandwich

It consists of a lightweight panel made up of two pre-lacquered steel plates and an intermediate polyurethane foam insulation.

Ours Products

  • Sandwich Panel 10mm 2.000x 1.000 mm (sheet 0,5mm): 0S0920001000.
  • Sandwich Panel 10mm 3.000x 1.250 mm (sheet 0,5mm): 0S0930001250.
  • Sandwich Panel 16mm 2.000x 1.000 mm (sheet 0,5mm): 0S1620001000.
  • Sandwich Panel 16mm 3.000x 1.250 mm (sheet 0,5mm): 0S1630001250.
  • Sandwich Panel 20mm 2.000x 1.000 mm (sheet 0,5mm): 0S2020001000.
  • Sandwich Panel 20mm 3.000x 1.250 mm (sheet 0,5mm): 0S2030001250.