November 26, 2021

Quality Policy

Cristales y Persianas López is a Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of single and double glazing and the manufacture of gutter and compact blinds. It sells its products ready to be installed in homes either to installers or to individuals.

Cristales y Persianas López has a regional market, the sale of its products occurs mainly in Extremadura and its main objective is that each of its customers is satisfied with the quality of its products and services. For this, Cristales y Persianas López adapts to each client, ensuring that the quality it offers meets local requirements.

In order to achieve optimum quality, both in the products it manufactures and in the services it provides, Cristales y Persianas López applies the international standard ISO 9001 to its quality management system, as well as all the requirements within the legal and technological framework. This allows you to manage and improve the quality of your products and services through the administration and improvement of the quality of all the processes that are involved in the operation of the company. In its quality system, Cristales y Persianas López includes all the actors that can impact the quality of its products, including clients, suppliers, human resources, production, maintenance, etc.

Cristales y Persianas López is synonymous of innovation and continuous improvement. Every day, it works on optimizing its production processes, improving its quality controls, selecting its suppliers, and searching for new products and new markets that allow it to continue growing unstoppably.