May 5, 2022


Minimalist railing systems that combine the most avant-garde aesthetics with the highest safety requirements, suitable for 8+8 or 10+10 glass (according to application needs).

Our systems adapt perfectly to any type of terrace, balcony, stairs or swimming pool, whether for public or private use. In addition, the transparency of the glass allows a total visual connection with the outside, giving the space added value.

We have three assembly possibilities:

  1. “Pestillo” system, it consists of wedges evenly distributed on the lower part of the glazing (71009049. Pestillo interior brillo barandilla).
  2. “U” system, which can be installed on the slab, on the edge of the slab or flush (Perfil “U” barandilla mate 8+8 y 10+10 orizzonte).
  3. External side fastening system. It is made up of aluminum profiles with high mechanical characteristics and maximum surface quality.