December 7, 2021

Roller Mosquito net

It is one of the most popular systems today. In this type of mosquito net the fabric is protected inside the drawer. In the case of the vertical mosquito net, the drawer will be in the upper part of it. If the mosquito net is lateral, the drawer will be located on one or both sides, depending on whether it has one or two leaves respectively.

We have a wide range of colors for mosquito nets that allows them to be adapted to all types of facilities.

The functioning

Vertical roll-up, the drawer is always pulling the mesh upwards, which allows it to be constantly stretched when we lower it and fasten it to the brakes. The fabric of the mosquito net is always channeled in guides equipped with mats that thus avoid possible gaps where mosquitoes can enter. Brakes are placed at the bottom of the guides that allow to hold the mosquito net when it is lowered.

Lateral roll-up, this mosquito net is ideal for access to balconies or terraces. With its lateral collection system we can store it for long periods of time in which its use is not necessary, thus protecting the fabric from the elements.

This system is composed of three types of guides: an upper guide, a smaller lower one and a lateral one with a magnet that allows to keep the mosquito net attached when we extend it. The horizontal or lateral mosquito net can be of one or two sheets. If the system chosen is the two-sheets system, we will have two drawers placed on the sides of the space to be covered and the two meshes will be joined in the center, being held by magnets placed at the end of each mosquito net.

If we have a single leaf, the drawer will be placed on one of the sides and on the opposite we will have a special guide with magnet to hold the mosquito net.

Other features

In addition, in both models we have the type of windscreen mat. This special mat is interlaced with the mesh of the mosquito net, thus preventing the fabric from coming out of the aluminum profile.

The decelerator is a mechanism that allows to reduce the speed of collection of the drawer. It is clipped on the opposite end of the spring and slows the upward movement, which produces a softer collection of the mosquito net.


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